Shopping and the Day after Christmas

FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - Retailers are making a final push to get you into the stores by dropping prices on seasonal merchandise. Shoppers around Magnolia Mall said they are out looking for one thing, to take advantage of all the low prices at local retailers.

Some of those shoppers even said the day after Christmas is becoming the new Black Friday.

"I'm just looking for deals, you know, bargain and sales," said Victor Quick.

Victor Quick, is one of the hundreds of people looking for what retail analysts, are calling the lowest prices of the year.

Retailers like Target, Kohl's and Best Buy have slashed prices, trying to move merchandise out of the store and into your home.

Quick is just one of the millions of Americans catching onto a new shopping trend.

"Normally we do it after Christmas, because you get all the gift cards. Like I said before, we're trying to find good bargains." said Quick.

Quick said it helps that retailers have the lowest prices of the year the day after Christmas.

"You know that after Christmas, there is going to be cheaper prices. You want to wait until after Christmas to get a better deal," said Quick.

Data Firm Shoppertrak reports, spending this past holiday shopping season was down three percent compared to last year, but retailers like Target said even with those numbers, the day After Christmas is the 3rd busiest shopping day of the year.

"Black Friday and then the Christmas season itself, and then now… yes. This is technically a recovery season for us now… right after Christmas, but on the flip side it's also the last sells for us to get after the Christmas season," said TimothyGaston.

Target Assistant Store Manager, Timothy Gaston said while the day after Christmas, the store is faced with a lot of returned items, the store does not take a big hit.

Gaston said most of the items being returned are exchanged or turned into profit for the store, as customers may spot additional items they just can't stay away from.

"At least 70 percent of our floor is on sale right now, so a lot of sales are going on in addition to our weekly add."

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