Athlete of the Week: Nick Jones, South Florence

FLORENCE, S.C. (WMBF) - Nick Jones has known for some time he should be lining up under center.

"It was my sixth grade year, and I was like 'Dad, I want to play quarterback,'" explained Jones. "He said 'Why do you want to play there, you're too big.'"

But it didn't take much time for Jones to prove to himself and others that he belonged. Even head coach David Prince noticed that in his first year taking over the Bruins - when Jones was a sophomore.

"Nick does a lot of extra things, especially in the offseason," Prince said. "He spends a lot of time throwing the ball, and he puts in his schedule everything that needs to be done for him to be prepared to be successful."

More than 3,000 yards and 47 touchdowns later, the only option he gives himself is to build on that number in 2014.

"This year we were able to surprise some people, and next year we won't be flying under the radar and everything," said Prince. "But there's obviously a little bit more pressure this next year."

Yet it is pressure Nick will look to live up to, especially in effort to avoid an ending like he experienced earlier this month in the second round of the playoffs after losing to Stratford.

"After that game I felt like I came up short," said Jones. "As the undisputed leader and as the quarterback, I can't let my team go through that again."

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