Dining out on Christmas common along the Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Many enjoy the comfort of home for Christmas, while others look for a chance to get away.

John Lopiccolo and his wife celebrated Christmas with their family early, so they could escape a cold Christmas up north and relax at the beach.

"We didn't want to cook today because it was just the two of us celebrating Christmas here alone," he says.

A new tradition, which seems to be a common trend for customers at Flapjacks and other restaurants open along the Grand Strand

Thorny's Steakhouse is celebrating Christmas until 9 p.m. tonight, a tradition they take part in every year.

"We do it because there's a lot of people down here visiting their families and they don't have anywhere to go eat and everything for Christmas dinner so they can come here and eat with us," explains Thorny's employee Kelsey Rogers.

At the Noizy Oyster, Christie Sparks from North Carolina is doing things a little different this year.

"We usually stay home for Christmas, this is the first year we're trying out a new tradition to come to the beach for Christmas," she says.

New traditions across the Strand go beyond just avoiding the need to cook.

Charles Blevins and his wife, visiting from Pennsylvania, made a stop to Grand 14 in Market Common to catch  the movie "47 Ronin."

"We generally have a big dinner and the family and everything but we thought we'd do a bit of a change this year."

Change, Blevins and many others hope to continue.

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