2013 end of year car sales deals could be good for consumers

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Experts say the final days of 2013 may be the best time to purchase a car because manufacturers and dealers are trying to reach year-end sales deadlines.

This is often the case because manufacturers offer incentives to dealers to get rid of old inventory and often those incentives are passed on to you.

Over at Chrysler Jeep in Myrtle Beach, the owner Bobby Gail, says they do more business in December than any other month of the year. Gail says it's also a good time to buy a car because the auto industry as a whole is doing well.

"Interest rates are low, the banks are aggressively looking at deals to help folks get from under an upside-down situation and when you have the banks, the manufacturers and the dealers, than ultimately the consumer is the winner," says Gail.

Before you shop you should check out Consumer Reports' online list of the top ten 2013 end of year car deals. The list shows you can get up to 15 percent off the MSRP for 2013 models for Chryslers, Toyotas, Volvos and Lexus models.

Find the list here: