Consider This: Tobacco-free CCU

Coastal Carolina University is going smoke free and tobacco free in the fall of 2014. Hopefully it is a decision that will ripple across the region.

Consider This:

CCU is following the state and national trend where more and more higher education institutions are converting to tobacco-free campuses. Nationally, more than 1,100 campuses have adopted 100 percent smoke-free policies, including 20 in South Carolina.

Congratulations to the leaders at CCU for making this decision and joining the communities of North Myrtle Beach, Florence and Surfside Beach in implementing smoke-free ordinances. This trend will continue so rather than delay the inevitable, other institutions, and especially the city of Myrtle Beach, should make the wise choice and also implement a smoke-free policy.

CCU gets it…if only that wisdom were more contagious we could all enjoy a healthier environment.

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