Darlington High junior cheers way into WMBF's Student Spotlight

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) - Sixteen-year-old Blaine Eads is being recognized for excelling in school and being a positive motivator around Darlington High School.

Eads is a junior cheerleader at the school and takes the sport very seriously. She says she plans on cheering in college.

"My dad has taken me to every Clemson game since I could walk and before that he would carry me, and I would always look at the cheerleaders and they were something to look up to and now I'm the girl that the little ones are looking up to and it's so rewarding," she says.

Eads has a 4.8 GPA and is a member of at least a dozen different clubs in school including the National Honor Society, Key Club and Student Government. Although she's just a junior, she already knows what she wants to do after college.

"In middle school I was always the one who was in between the relationships trying to help everyone and someone said you are good at this, so I said 'Why not make a career out of this;' and also I like to help families because I don't think divorce should be the first option," she says.

Blaine is the youngest of six kids and says her parents are a large part of her success in life. She enjoys motivating other students in school and has this advice.

"You have to be very self disciplined, and you have to tell yourself I need to get this done and you have to set goals for yourself," she says.

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