Myrtle Beach moving forward on convention center expansion

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The city is ready to move forward with the convention center expansion. The area has been cleared out and now the $12.4 million project is out to bid for construction.

Two projects will be happening there: first adding 500 spaces to the parking lots, and then the actual facility. The city hopes to award a contract by February, and then also start construction. You should be able to notice the work right behind the convention center and off of 21st Ave N.

Even though the project is up for construction, it's still without a name. The public has been asked to help come up with one, but city council hasn't approved any of the names. Time is of the essence, as the marketing people at the chamber need a name so they can start branding the facility for events.

"It's really important for us to get a name," said Danna Lilly, Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Director of Sales. "And develop a concept behind that, so we can develop marketing materials, collateral, video, and everything we need to showcase the facility."

Starting in the spring, Lilly and the sales teams plan to advertise, make videos, and publicize the facility—and this takes time.

According to Mark Kruea with the City of Myrtle Beach, the direction that the city council is headed in for the facility's name is: "The Myrtle Beach Sports Center."

The council asked the city attorney with checking into that name as a possibility, and it may be officially decided on at the next council meeting on January 14.

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