Keep your guard up against the flu

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - The flu is off to an early start this year, and already people in our area have caught it.

A doctor with McLeod's Urgent Care Facilities said the flu season has kicked of earlier than normal this year.

"This year we have maybe only seen two cases in every 30, a day," said Dr. June Jones.

Doctor June Jones has been practicing medicine for 30 years. She works for one of McLeod's Urgent Care Centers and she says as of now, even though the flu is spreading, it's not spreading as quickly as last year.

"Compared to last year I came on board here at McLeod in October of 2012. And we saw quite a few patients, probably every third and fourth patient," said Dr. Jones.

Jones contributes lower flu numbers here at home to more people getting the Flu Shot,but even with more people getting the shot, Dr. June said you still need to remember common germ fighting habits, especially with all the holiday gatherings happening around town.

"Well that's with any infection. Keep your hands washed particularly when you are around individuals who are coughing, and make sure you wash your hands if you are coughing," said Jones.

"We sanitize door knobs and all surfaces people touch a lot," said Desi Hart

Desi Hart is the owner of Cradle to Crayons. Hart said during this time of year her staff is sure to sanitize toys and surfaces regularly.

"It would really help if everyone got a flu shot," said Hart.

"Washing hands are important, but the greatest importance is to become vaccinated," said Dr. Jones.

Doctor Jones said if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms you should go to the doctor and stay away from events where there will be large amount of people.

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