Plan would move fire station closer to homes and allow college to expand

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County officials and Horry Georgetown Technical College are trying to work out a deal that would allow the college to expand while also allowing Horry County Fire Rescue to move a station away from campus and closer to neighborhoods.

At the Horry County Public Safety meeting on Thursday afternoon, Chief Fred Crosby and county leaders talked about logistics of making the deal happen that would let the department move Station No. 23 from its current location just off campus to a spot closer to Highway 544.

"Really, right now where the university station is, it's not positioned to serve the unincorporated areas very well anymore after the annexation, so we're looking at moving it to the 544 corridor," Chief Crosby said.

The fire station is located near one of the busiest stretches of Highway 501, and with so many students walking or driving to class, Crosby said moving the station can prevent any dangers of a fire truck rushing to leave on a call at the same time students are crossing parking lots.

"Our main access out of there is between the student parking lot and the buildings that they go to at HGTC, so it's very full of pedestrian traffic right now," added Crosby.

County officials said the property where the station is located is worth about $760,000.

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