MYR passengers amongst those against cell phone calls on planes

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A recent poll finds nearly half of Americans, 48 percent, do not want phone calls to be allowed on planes, but among frequent flyers that opposition is stronger.

Seventy-eight percent of travelers, who have flown four or more times in the past year, are against lifting the ban on in-flight mobile phone calls, according to the Associated Press-GfK survey.

Myrtle Beach International airport travelers weigh in on the debate-

"I would hate people talking on a cell phone in front of me. I usually read when I'm on a plane and it would be totally annoying and disruptive and I would absolutely hate it," says MYR flyer Anne Graham.

She is not alone, Betsy Callahan, just off her flight, agrees that cell phone calls should continue to be restricted from flights.

"I do not approve of cell phones on planes, I find it very distracting," she says.

The ban was put into place over 20 years ago, to keep communications with planes from jamming.

The Federal Communications Commission chairman says since there is no longer a technological reason to prohibit in-flight calls, especially with technology advancing.

Scott Sides, a frequent flyer, says he thinks more people will support the FCC, "I think more people would be for it. Personally not really, but everybody is on their phones, at all times, so everybody's gonna be for it."

The final decision is up in the air, and the FCC begins discussion, today.

A large portion of the population is joining the debate, some willing to take action.

"I would choose a flight that does not allow cell phones, before one that did," says Graham.

Delta Airlines clearly states on their website, if the FCC lifts the ban, they will still not allow voice calls on flights. Other airlines like United and American are taking the "wait and see approach," and will make their decision after the FCC.

The decision is now under debate, but if passed by the FCC, the final say will weigh on the wings of each airlines.

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