Group wants to stop animals from being euthanized

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Friends of the Horry County Animal Care Center are extending their outreach on Facebook to try and bring awareness to the animals which are about to be euthanized at the shelter.

The Horry County Animal Care Center receives about 10,000 pets a year. According to shelter management, less than an a quarter of them get adopted and the rest are put down.

The number has grown since the group took over the former Humane Society in 2009. The humane society had about a seven percent adoption rate, according to the center's Operations Manager Kelly Bonome.

Bonome said the pets that are put to sleep are done so because of health issues, temperaments, behavioral problems, and sometimes there is no space left in the shelter.

Debbie Saxon is a disabled retired pet groomer who back in 2009 went to Bonome offering to volunteer her help.

Since that time, Saxon has been creating the group: The Friends of the HCACC. She's received support with about 40 members and more than a thousand followers on her Facebook page.

"It makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile, but it's not me, it's the group. The group has picked this up and they're the ones working their tails off to get this going," explained Saxon.

On Monday, Saxon posted a photo of a litter puppies which were on the shelter's kill list to get them saved. In three days, she raised $1,500. Unfortunately, the puppies in the picture had to be put down because they had kennel cough and other medical problems, but three other dogs on the list were saved. Saxon said also from those same contributions, approximately 12 to 15 pets will be removed from the euthanasia list at the shelter.

"At least they're getting the chance to have a name, a bath, a good meal and a forever home," said Saxon who adds that long as the shelter continues to provide the information on the pets that are about to be put down, they'll continue to try and help.

Bonome said they will do this on a trial period to see how the program works for the group and the public.

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