Consider This: Tear down the Trust Building

There has been ongoing debate on whether to demolish or renovate the Trust building in downtown Florence. But it looks like the fight is almost over.

Consider This:

The City of Florence Design Review Board voted to allow The City of Florence to move forward with the demolition of the Trust Building. And that's the right decision.

The dilapidated building needs to come down. It has no architectural value and it will cost millions of dollars to rehab. And when you begin rehabbing a building in such terrible condition, it always costs much more than originally expected.

The Florence County Historical Commission said it will file an appeal and continue its fight to try to save the Trust building. That's unfortunate. It's a waste of time and money and will only delay the inevitable.

The city needs to move forward with demolition of the Trust building and start construction of a new health science facility. It's another very important step in the revitalization of downtown Florence.

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