US Airways, American merger has airline passengers talking

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The merger between US Airways and American Airlines may be official now, but you will still see "US Airways" signs at airports like MYR.

The good news is, for now, there are no plans to make any changes until after the holiday season. Once the changes come it will be gradual, but the first change you'll notice is the merging of the frequent flier programs. By early January, US Airways flyers should be able to use their benefits to book flights on American and vice versa, which means more destinations for you.

Industry experts say flight fares are bound to go higher after a merger, because there is less competition, but US Airways says it will depend on the market and fuel costs.

Tune in beginning at 5 a.m. to hear what travelers say about the merger and preparations they are taking this holiday season.