VIRAL VIDEO: WestJet brings a 'Christmas miracle' to 250 travelers

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

(WMBF) - A viral video posted to the WestJet YouTube channel shows the airline making the Christmas wishes of some 250 travelers come true.

The video begins with guests video-conferencing with Santa at an airport, laughing as he calls them by name and asks what they want for Christmas.

As they board their Calgary-bound WestJet flights, the video cuts to a team of 175 WestJet volunteers storming toy stores, electronics stores, and more, frantically picking up hundreds of gifts asked for by the passengers before their flight.

Once the passengers step off their planes and head to baggage claim, the Christmas miracle begins: one-by-one, gift-wrapped packages drop onto the conveyer belt, and Santa wishes a Merry Christmas to the overjoyed and bewildered recipients.

Watch the video below, but have the tissues ready:

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