Report: Woman jailed after husband's assault

Ellen Esposito (Source: Myrtle Beach Police)
Ellen Esposito (Source: Myrtle Beach Police)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A woman who allegedly assaulted her husband has been charged by Myrtle Beach Police.

According to the police report, 66-year--old Ellen Susan Esposito was intoxicated, and her husband had a gash on his head when police officers arrived at their home on San Marcello Drive.

Officers found a large trail of blood in the home and a bloody knife.

When questioned, Esposito said he husband of 45 years was getting on her nerves so she "went after him."

She did not show any injuries. Her husband was taken to the hospital, and she was booked into the Myrtle Beach Jail, charged with criminal domestic violence.

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