Braving the elements: CCU adjusting to Montana cold

The Coastal Carolina football team flew into Missoula, Montana and practiced Thursday night - in five degree weather. With wind chills even below that, preparing and acclimating to the conditions is crucial until game time, especially considering the average temperature on the Grand Strand this week was in the 60s and 70s.

The players have said all week they just need to focus on playing football, but there was a bit of a shock upon flying into town.

"There are a lot of our guys that haven't actually physically seen snow," explained head coach Joe Moglia. "There are a lot of our guys that don't own coats. So those were the types of things they did. We wanted to put on the shoulder pads, we wanted to put on the helmets, we want them to get used to running around, throwing the ball, catching the ball in real cold weather."

"I think the cold isn't something you can prepare for at all," said senior running back Lorenzo Taliaferro. "I think it's all about mind and heart. They've (the Montana Grizzlies) been down here for a while but I'm pretty sure they're feeling the same way we are, so it comes down to being a man and how much of a man you'll be. Are you going to man up or are you going to tuck your tail. So I think we're going to do as we always do."

Coastal Carolina plays Montana in the second round of the FCS Playoffs Saturday at two eastern time, noon local. The game will be streamed live on ESPN3. The projected high on Saturday is five degrees.