Man walks NMB highways with sign looking for job

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – You may have seen him walking along North Myrtle Beach highways carrying a sign saying "Skilled Veteran Seeks Work". His name is John, and if you're hiring, he wants to  hear from you.

John doesn't believe in applying to jobs online anymore, he says that hasn't yielded results for him. He says he sends his application in and he never hears a yes or a no, so, he is taking his fate into his own hands.

Nowadays you can find him armed with his sign, a wave and a smile. John has work experience in the food service industry, marketing and he's also been a salesperson. If you're hiring, he hopes his efforts will stick out.

"Here's a man with imagination, creativity that is taking the initiative to think outside the box," John says. "Most major corporations would bend over backwards to get somebody like that. But you can't say that on your applications online."

John says people have told him his idea won't work and that he can't do it. He has a message for them, "Excuse me? I'm an Ameri-can. Not an Ameri-can't."

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