Plans for new Cherry Grove pier on hold

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - When the ocean outfall project started recently in North Myrtle Beach, some people thought the city was building a new pier in the area. That is not the case instead it is a temporary pier for use during construction.

"One lady called asking if we were getting a cruise line I said not unless they are very small ships," said City spokesman Pat Dowling.

However, the Cherry Grove area could get a new pier in the future but plans for that pier are on hold for the moment. Local business owner Frank Boulineau and his family applied to the US Army Corps of Engineers for a permit to build a new pier at the end of Sea Mountain Highway.

Dowling said Boulineau got the permit but nothing has happened since to move the plan forward because Boulineau has not applied for a permit with the city to build it.

Frank Boulineau told WMBF News one reason no new steps are being taken is due to the economic landscape. If things change and Boulineau wants to build the pier, he would have to appear before the zoning board of appeals.

"A pier as a use is not applied to the zoning for that land if they approve that additional use then he could go forward," added Dowling.

Resident Jack Wood said a new pier would be good for the area.

"I'd like to see it how it is currently in North Myrtle Beach where you don't have to pay for parking meters and that type of thing so as a local person that means a lot to me," said Wood.

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