Myrtle Beach plans to build public restroom downtown

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It's one of the most important things you look for when you go out to the beach: the bathroom. Up until now, Myrtle Beach has yet to have a permanent public restroom. Now the plan is to move the portable restrooms in order to make way for a permanent restroom facility.

The Downtown Redevelopment Corporation will spend up to $200,000 to build a multi-stall facility in the alley right across from the Sky Wheel. But that might be the only spot where one will be built. Even though it's needed in other areas, the city says there is not enough public space or funds to build more. But as more new developments happen downtown, the city can require public restrooms to be built into the plans.

The head of the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation says this is an necessary amenity that should be brought to Myrtle Beach.

"We compete with other places that have clean, convenient, safe restroom facilities in addition to the general environment, and we need to provide that," explained Dave Sebok.

The design for the restroom facilities is up for approval Thursday at the Myrtle Beach Community Appearance Board meeting at 1:30 p.m. The plan is to put the project out to bid in January, and then have the facility finished by summer 2014. The facility will be paid for with the money that comes in through metered parking downtown. Meanwhile the existing trailers in Plyer Park will be moved to the 6th Avenue North access.

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