Report: Man finds child porn in hidden room of rented home

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Police in Horry County are scrambling to discover the owner of child pornography that was discovered in the attic of a rented home.

The man who called police about the materials in the attic was finding out about the constructed room for the first time. He went upstairs to look at the heater, because one room in the house did not seem to be heating and cooling, the police report states.

Inside the attic, the renter found the hidden room that was not in the original house plans. The police report described the room as being "made of plywood with a plywood door....two sliding locks on the top and unusual round hole cut out of the lower portion of one wall."

There were three empty beer bottles inside the room where the renter found "a suitcase with receipts in it and a child pornographic magazine." He also found an empty handheld recording box and a DVR recording box. He had gotten rid of those items before the police arrived.

But according to the police report, that wasn't the only thing he discovered. There were strange locks on the closet in the master bedroom allowing it to be locked from the inside and a 4' by 4' blood stain until the carpet in another room.

Neighbors of this renter believed there was a male and female living in the home previously that were arrested on drug charges and for running an illegal daycare service.

The police report states the man's realtor was contacted to obtain information about previous tenants.

(The location of this home was purposely not included in this article to protect the current renters.)

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