Tips to keeping safe while you're shopping for Black Friday

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - David McLeod Boulevard is one of the busiest shopping districts in Florence. Whether you'll be spending your hard earned cash in Florence or elsewhere, there are a few safety tips that you should keep in mind.

"We would say to stay safe, try to shop in numbers and don't be carrying large amounts of cash and flashing it around," Said Florence Interim Police Chief Allen Heidler.

Police with the City of Florence say shopping in numbers will help deter any thieves from mugging you while you're carrying your purchases out of the store.

"This time of year shoplifting's are up allover the City of Florence," said Heidler.

And while carrying your purchases to the car, you may want to remember this.

"Try not to carry a large number of packages with you. Keep a hand open and prepare to enter your vehicle," said Heidler.

Interim Police Chief Allen Heidler added you can store valuables in the trunk of your vehicle, but to be safe you should run those items home and then come back and continue shopping.

In addition to those tips, remember to park in well-lit areas, and report and suspicious activity to law enforcement immediately.

While you are out and about you can expect to see more law enforcement working to keep you safe, as you shop throughout the holiday season.

"We look at historic information from previous years. And we assign our police officers into specific geographical areas during those periods that have seen an increase in criminal activity or traffic accidents," said Heidler.

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