Student Spotlight - Alisha Vaught

LORIS, SC (WMBF) - On a quiet day at Loris High School, students are ready for the last bell. For Alisha Vaught, her time in the classroom and National Honor Society is much more important, not only for herself, but also for her one-year old son.

"I mean, I love it, and it gives me something secure to hang on to," said Alisha Vaught, a senior at Loris High School, about NHS. "When people see me and they see I have a son, they don't see the National Honor Society, so that makes me feel good, like I am doing something, and something my son can look up to."

Vaught is in her second year with the National Honor Society and has been focusing hard on her academics. She plans to get a bachelors degree from Coastal Carolina University while also raising her son Bailey.

Her classmates see her as a role model, and say they are proud of her for all she has accomplished. Vaught says she just wants to be remembered as someone who is very sincere to others.

"I try to be a friendly person, like no matter who I meet, I don't try to judge. I never have judged in my life," Vaught said. "That's one thing I am truly against. I always try to let people know that I want to be friendly to you, and I will always be friendly to you, and I'll never try to hurt you or anything."

While being friendly is who she is, Vaught says she is a better person for the hard journey she has been on. Whether it's raising her son at a young age, or trying to fulfill her aspirations  to become a physical therapist, Vaught will always be grateful for where she grew up.

"Like I said, I've been here my whole life. I have never wanted to change. I mean I hear people say that when they graduate they are leaving Loris, but I mean, Loris just has had a really good impact on me," Vaught said. "I love the school and I love the teachers. Like I said, with my son, they have really helped me out a lot, and they kept me going and everything."

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