Think safety first before leaving for Thanksgiving

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Before everyone is buckled and in the car for a Thanksgiving road trip, there are two items a car service manager here in Myrtle Beach would recommend everyone have: a supply of drinking water, and a road flare or some kind of reflective material. 

C & G Auto Service Manger Barry Abrams said the water is important if a driver and their passengers get stranded somewhere and can't leave their vehicle. He went on to add the reflective element in the car would be used so roadside assistance or police will see the stranded vehicle.

According to AAA, 630,000 drivers are expected to travel at least 50 miles this week in South Carolina. The highest number of those travelers will most likely leave Wednesday and return on Sunday.

Abrams suggests before leaving to take precautions, like checking that the oil and the fluids like antifreeze and washer fluid are full.

AAA defines this holiday weekend as on of the deadliest on the roadways. In 2012, 13 people died in crashes on South Carolina Highways over the weekend.

Abrams said to avoid getting into an accident while traveling north by checking the tire pressure and making sure your starter and battery are working correctly. He said the colder weather can cause the battery and starter to drain and tires to deflate more.

Abrams said to keep your car or truck on the road and the heat working inside then there are four steps to take, "you always want to make sure you've got plenty of coolant, and water in the radiator. And your belts are good and your tires are good."

Keeping kitty litter or a small shovel if heading into the mountains was also suggested to keep traction if snow or ice become a problem.

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