Check it off your list: CPSC recalls children's toys

Recalls on baby products

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – While your gifts may not be wrapped and under the tree yet, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has suggestions on what you shouldn't put on your shopping list this holiday season.

During their recall roundup, the CPSC is bringing parents' attention to particular toys that could pose a safety risk to children.

This includes about 400,000 Baby Einstein Musical Motion activity jumpers produced by Kids II. CPSC says the sun toy on the jumper can bounce back with force, injuring an infant.

So far, the CPSC is reporting 100 incidents with 61 injuries.

The recall involves model number 90565, and they urge parents to stop using the activity jumpers and contact Kids II for a free replacement toy attachment.

Doctors suggest checking to make sure toys are age-appropriate for your child.

"Anything that has a loose part. Anything that can come loose, you know a child is going to pull it apart," warned Dr. Dennis W. Rhoades, the Medical Director for Doctors Care.

Other things to grab from the playpen before your kid can are water absorbing polymer balls.

The CPSC warns that children can mistake them for candy. If a kid eats them, it can cause severe discomfort, vomiting and dehydration.

"The first thing they're going to do is put it in their mouth. The younger we are, the first thing in our primitive mind is to feed ourselves," explained Dr. Rhoades.

The recall roundup by CPSC notes particular polymer balls are being recalled:

Monster Science growing spider toy sets with "spider eggs" by Be Amazing! Toys Eco-Novelty Cosmo beads are jumbo size. They suggest contacting the importer for a full refund.

Doctors suggest using a toilet paper roll to make sure an object is large enough for your child to play with.

"If it can't fit through a toilet paper roll, it's ok," said Dr. Rhoades. He adds, "If it can't fit in here, they can't choke on it."

Another choking hazard from the CPSC comes from Hachette BookGroup. The metal rod holding the small beads can detach.

CPSC shows the group is recalling 70,000 children's books titled, "Count my Kisses," "1,2,3" and "Red, Green, Blue, I love you."

In addition to a choking hazard, once the rod detaches it reveals a sharp edge that could cut a child.

"Children don't have that sensibility that we do to say 'Hey, that looks sharp. I better not touch that,'" explained Dr. Rhoades.

You should be able to return the books where you bought them for a full refund.

In addition, just this week, Angelcare Monitors voluntarily recalled 600,000 baby monitors.

The Canadian company manufactures Angelcare Movement and Sound Baby Monitors. The cord attached to the baby monitor's sensor pad is placed under the crib mattress. Children can easily pull the cord into the crib, becoming entangled in it.

The CPSC says two babies have died after being strangled by the cord on the monitor.

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