Ready to go: Chants look to make statement on at USC

CCU looking for big win on Saturday

CONWAY - DeMario Bennett began his collegiate career at South Carolina. But after two seasons, he decided he would have a better chance to improve out on the Grand Strand, and came to Coastal. Getting ready to go back to Williams-Brice this weekend, he doesn't view it as anything special.

"It's really no different," he said. "(I have to) just come out well and play to the best of my abilities."

And don't expect him to get nostalgic about it, either.

"I'm tired of everyone saying 'you're going home,'" he explained. "That's not right. I am home (at Coastal)."

He intends to get a win over the top-15 Gamecocks, and his teammates feel the same way. They're not using this game as a warm-up to the postseason, but as a chance to do something truly special for the program.

"I expect to win," said offensive lineman Jamey Cheatwood. "I'm not going up there to make memories or get a moral victory. I'm going up there to win a game."

"Part of the reason it's a big game is because Coastal Carolina is playing in it," explained linebacker Quinn Backus. "We just have to approach it how we do every other game and focus on what we have to do in order to be victorious."

The Chants' tenacity hasn't changed all year, regardless of difficulty of opponent, and that's the mindset they'll take with them to Williams-Brice Stadium this weekend.

"This will be the toughest defensive line we've faced all year," said Cheatwood. "But our goal has not changed from week to week. Our goal is to still knock these guys back, and that's what we're going to do."

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