Florence water plant provides clean water for Pee Dee

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Water's a topic of heated debate in Florence County, especially when it comes to clean water. Now, the City of Florence hopes to change that with a new water treatment plant.

"Enough capacity to treat the entire Pee Dee region," said former Florence Mayor Frank Willis. "That extra seven million gallons allow us to service extra counties and extra municipalities."

The new wastewater management facility raises the city's ability to treat water up to 22 million gallons per day. The amount is so large, Florence can also treat wastewater for nearby areas like Timmonsville.

"The city and the area are well positioned to grow now," said David Zimmer, an engineer with CDM Smith.

The ability to process more water also makes Florence and the Pee Dee more attractive to potential employers. At the plant's dedication current Mayor Stephen Wukela said if a city can't provide adequate water infrastructure, companies won't consider that city for relocation.

Wukela says this new plant gives Florence a leg up to land big industries and high-paying jobs.

"We've got excess capacity to take on new industries," Zimmer said.

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