52 flu cases already at CCU

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Flu season has hit hard at Coastal Carolina University. Already this year, the school has seen 52 cases at the campus' Health Services building.

Tonya McKenzie, a nurse practitioner with CCU, says the majority of cases are strains of an H1N1 flu virus that was also prevalent in 2009. She says mononeucleosis, or simply mono, and sinus problems like strep throat are also common this time of year.

"I'm a Purell freak, I use it several times a day," said CCU student Taylor White. White and her friend, Audrey Alexo, both had friends get sick within the past two weeks.

"My roommate got the flu, and I was told not to go near her," White said.

"I had sinus problems last week," said Alexo. "I'm ok now, but two weeks ago my friend got strep throat."

McKenzie said the school has taken steps to prevent germs spreading. They've handed out facemasks to infected students, implemented quarantines, and set up medicine delivery services.

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