Parents take kids out of school to protest Common Core

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Big changes are happening in Horry County classrooms, as the school district moves forward to implement the new Common Core standards.

The transition started a year and a half ago for teachers, but students will start noticing the changes when they come to school. School officials say this affects students at every grade level; primary, elementary, middle and high schools will all see changes. But not everyone is welcoming them, as parents are taking a stand. Monday, November 18 is "Don't Send Your Child to School" Day to protest the Common Core Standards. It's a national protest, but many local families are joining in.

Tina Wilson is taking her kids away from their lessons for the no-school protest. But Wilson's kids won't be missing from a classroom, because she teaches her kids at their own home. She's joining the protest because even with being a homeschool teacher, she feels the new Common Core standards in South Carolina will affect her too since it's affecting the material providers she uses.

"They're either going to align with Common Core and alienate their home school base," said Wilson. "Or not align and lose their public school customers."

Wilson and a number of Grand Strand parents will spend the day in Columbia to join others across the state who are protesting in front of the South Carolina Department of Education.

"Some from charter schools, public schools, and we're coming together to go as a group and there's probably more," said Wilson.

Bob Crout is one of those parents; his child attends a public school, and he feels very strongly about the new standards. "It sets them up for failure in life," explained Crout. "Instead of making them successful."

For those who are think leaving empty seats in the classroom is sending the wrong message, Crout and Wilson say it's more of a learning experience.

"We're going to be teaching him different things that he won't learn in school," said Crout.

"Any opportunity to see that we as normal citizens have a voice, that's always an educational opportunity to me," said Wilson.

Dr. Cindy Elsberry, district superintendent and she says it's all a misunderstanding. "The standards are noncontroversial," responded Dr. Elsberry. "They are not evil. They are positive. And in many cases they are very, very similar to the standards we have today."

While these parents say they are just doing what they think is best.

"My children are my responsibility," said Wilson. "It rests solely on my shoulders. It's my job to see that I do what,s best for them."

"I've done my research and looked at this," said Crout. "And it's like, there's something wrong with all this."

The protest will be Monday morning from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in front of the South Carolina Department of Education. The Common Core standards are scheduled to be fully implemented by the 2014-2015 school year.

Click this link to learn more about Common Core Curriculum, and how it will impact children specifically in Horry County:

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