Grant equips Hartsville Fire to fight flames faster

HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - It only takes a fire minutes to spread through your home. When the clock is ticking, every second counts.

Now, the Hartsville Fire Department will be able to battle those flames even faster, thanks to a grant the department got Thursday morning to help buy new equipment.

Captain Jason Bell explained Georgia-Pacific only hands out a handful of the grants each year. Hartsville Fire received $5,000 to purchase High Rise Packs.

Typical calls for the Hartsville Fire Department involve building under four stories. New development in the area is stretching the department's resources.

There is a different tactic in tackling flames in taller buildings, which the city is seeing more of.

Chief Burr said development like Coker College's new dorms or a proposed hotel in Hartsville requires the department to have more portable packs.

So, the department is using the Georgia-Pacific grant to buy High Rise Packs.

"The equipment is no different than what we have on the truck, but it's packaged differently," said Chief Burr.

The equipment is a bundled system allowing firefighters to quickly carry it to the top stories.

"A firefighter would be able to carry it up stairs, connect to the sprinkler system, deploy a hose on the upper floors while our trucks are on the ground pumping water into the system," explained Captain Jason Bell.

It cuts down on the time it takes for the crew to gain entrance into a burning building and start tackling the flames.

"It will save time, save effort, and even possibly save lives," said Captain Bell.

The fire department hopes to have the new units purchased within the next few weeks.

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