10 ways to navigate airline headache travel

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - With many of you heading out for the upcoming Thanksgiving and holiday breaks, WMBF News's Theo Hayes found 10 tips to get to your gate faster.

Myrtle Beach International Airport isn't the busiest of airports, so getting to your gate fast isn't typically a problem, but when you get to the other side these tips could really come in handy.

Here they are:

1. Apply for TSA Pre-Check.

2. Prepare for airport security.

3. Upload our boarding pass to your phone.

4. Download and airport map application.

5. Don't check your bag.

6. Invest in a quality carry-on.

7. Pack your own snacks.

8. Get a seat at the front of the plane.

9. Check in online.

10. Download travel alert applications.

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