Pelicans promote fitness at the workplace

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach Pelicans General Manager, Andy Milovich, has changed the culture in the office to make it more energetic.

Ideas were brought forth by all front office staff members and Andy Milovich has decided that he and his employees would start the popular gym program known as Crossfit.

"We looked at Crossfit as a way to not only engage everybody and take our health and fitness to a whole new level, but because of the teamwork atmosphere of it," says Andy Milovich, General Manager of the Pelicans. "It was a chance for us to do it as a group to kind of bring ourselves closer together," he says.

The Pelicans staff continues to have success promoting the team. In an industry where sales and marketing is key to success, the staff is trying to promote a healthy and positive atmosphere for customers to witness.

Milovich believes the impact Crossfit will have on his employees will also help out others in the area as well.

"The impact we can have on our staff members both personally and professionally, I think is going to have a profound impact on us as an organization," he says. "Then hopefully we can share that same story with others and allow others to do the same."

Crossfit has brought the pelicans staff closer as a group when it comes to the workplace. The overall attitude of this staff is to make sure they provide a positive example to the community that supports the team every year.

The pelicans want the people of Myrtle Beach to know that the atmosphere at pelicans ball park is the most enjoyable on the Grand Strand.

Milovich says that getting involved at a grassroots level and making a difference in the community is a must.

"I think the more our people feel great about themselves which is going to come through our Crossfit and our group training focus, we are going to feel that much better about the community and those around us," he says.

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