Flu cases reported in Horry County Schools

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Cases of the flu have been reported in Horry County Schools.

Horry County Schools Health Services Director Tammy Trulove says there have not been huge numbers yet, but there have been some isolated cases across different schools. School nurses tell WMBF News they are carefully checking for the virus.

"We watch out for any kind of clusters or problem areas with any kind of infectious disease," explained Brenda Mathis, a nurse at River Oaks Elementary School. "If we start to see numbers and trends going way up, DHEC will be notified."

There is also a notification policy in the district. Once the flu is confirmed in a classroom, the child is separated and immediately sent home. Then only the parents of that child and the teacher are notified. If other children in that classroom start showing flu-like symptoms, the teacher and the school will know to send those kids home since they have already been exposed. The only time the school will notify all parents is if there are a large number of cases going around.

Since the flu is contagious, especially in small classrooms, nurses and teachers have made sure students know what to do to keep it from spreading.

"Wash your hands and sing happy birthday two times," recites first grade student Julianna Critelli. "And then you dry your hands good and cough in your elbow."

Now that flu has been confirmed in schools, nurses say this is the time for parents to start watching their kids closely for any symptoms. The most important symptom to look for is the high fever, and then the aching, cough, and sore throat. The earlier you catch it, the faster the child can get better.

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