Man posts sign after delayed police response

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - A Florence man put a sign outside of his businesses after it took more than 30 minutes for deputies to respond to his 911 call.

It's hard to miss the sign if you drive down TV Road in Florence. The owner of Hammond Auto Sales said he has the sign out in front of his businesses because he feels deputies failed to do their job correctly.

"My concern is that somebody could have a real problem. You know somebody could have pulled a gun on them and they need to come," said Tim Hammond.

Tim Hammond is the man behind this sign located on TV Road.

Hammond said on October 2 he called 911 so deputies could resolve a theft taking place on his property.

"So I dialed 911 and told them the nature of my emergency, what I considered to be an emergency," said Hammond.

We took a look at dispatch records which shows it took deputies more than 30 minutes to respond to Hammond's 911 call.

"Florence County Sheriff's Office was responding to a call with a man with a gun; he had pointed it at a neighbor," Captain Michael Nunn, Florence County Sheriff's Office.

Captain Nunn said at the time of Hammond's emergency call, all of the department's resources was being used to resolve the other situation.

"Our units were tied down, and we were doing the best we could, and we were going to respond as promptly as we could," said Nunn.

Tim Hammond said he understands a seemingly great emergency situation was underway but he feels for anyone to have to wait more than 30 minutes for emergency responders is unacceptable.

"But I kept calling back, please come on down, so you can catch the crime if you come now," said Hammond.

Both the Sheriff's Office and Hammond say the supervising deputy on duty did call Hammond to explain why response time was so late. Captain Michael Nunn says when there is an immediate emergency going on, such as the gun incident when Hammond's call came in, sometimes calls have to be prioritized.

"We hope that on occasion the public will realize that there are extenuating circumstances that will delay our response time and unfortunately this was one of those occasions," said Nunn.

It should be noted that records show in the past the Sheriff's Office did respond promptly to other emergency calls at Hammond Auto Sales and those calls were resolved promptly.

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