Atlantic Beach holds election, in spite of protests

ATLANTIC BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Election Day in Atlantic Beach was this Tuesday, but it didn't go off without a hitch - there was a last minute attempt to stop the election from happening.

And while there may have been controversy behind the scenes, at the Atlantic Beach Town Council Election, it was all business.

"It's very important so we can get back to governing the town," said Joe Montgomery, Chairman of the Atlantic Beach Election Commission.

There were three poll workers at all times helping the expected 75 to 80 voters cast their ballots. Montgomery said each of the town council candidates has one poll watcher - and all of the poll workers were trained by the Horry County Election Commission.

Just two days ago, Nicole Kenion represented herself with the Atlantic Beach Election Commission, and sent an order to the State Supreme Court to stop the election from happening. The request was later denied.

There was talk that the election was happening on the wrong day, and should have been held on November 5th. Some voters said that no matter what day the election ended up being on, getting out to vote was the most important thing.

"We have had our difference. We had difficulties and things of that nature, and it's about time we lay our personalities aside," said John Sketers, former Atlantic Beach Town Council member.

The three candidates running for town council this year are Lenearl Evans, Ken McLaurin, and Retha Pierce, the former mayor of Atlantic Beach. Two of those people will take the place of Carolyn Cole and Windy Price.

The votes were counted Tuesday night:

  • Ken McLaurin - 70 votes - 46%
  • Lenearl Evans - 66 votes - 44%
  • Retha Pierce - 15 votes - 10%

Votes will be certified on Thursday morning, and it appears McLaurin and Evans are the unofficial winners of the two seats.

Councilwoman Windy Price received two write-in votes. Carolyn Cole received three.

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