Windsor Green residents inspect new homes after fire

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - Homeowners are inspecting their new condos eight months after the fire that destroyed 26 condos in the Windsor Green community.

Janet and Jerry Del Percio made sure all of the new upgrades they requested like hardwood floors and granite countertops were in place.

"The windows are much better quality, the back sliding door is heavier and better quality, and the workmanship in general is just better quality," said Janet Del Percio.

It's not just quality the new homes have. The Del Percio's home is safer.

A&I Fire Water Restoration has been rebuilding the community since March. Building codes are much more stringent than when Windsor Green was first built and this time a sprinkler system has been installed. Also the Homeowners Association decided on safer changes to landscaping. They say trees will be 30 feet away from the building and you won't find any more pine straw.

A&I said all 26 buildings are nearly complete. Landscaping still needs to go in, and they are in the process of acquiring certificates of occupancy. Owners will likely be able to move back in by the first of the year.

"It means we are finally coming down to the final thing," said Del Percio.

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