Horry Co. Council votes on two job projects

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County Council has voted on variances for two job projects.

The names of the companies involved are not being released, but county officials are calling it- Project "HD" and Project "Orbit."

Because this is a deal in the works, county officials and the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation are not commenting on the details, but WMBF News was able to find out some information on one of the projects, Project "Orbit;" it is a company promising to bring more than 600 jobs to Horry County.

The company wants to build a customer care center, which will include general and administrative offices and also a technical support office. In the proposed agreement with the county, the 615 jobs all have to have an average wage of at least $11.02 per hour.

But before this can happen, the county is working now to give all the possible tax incentives so the company can move to the Grand Strand.

"This is part of the process," said Gary Loftus, with Horry County Council. "This is a process. And hopefully everything will go smoothly and we'll be able to move on."

The company is also promising to invest $10 million into the area near International Drive, at the corner of Town Center Drive and Hinson Drive. The $10 million includes the money that will be spent on the land, building, and the machinery for the company's relocation. The plan right now would be to be move in next to where the new Lowe's grocery store will be, on the way to the Brightwater senior living community.

From gas stations to fast food restaurants, the list of latest developments off of International Drive in Carolina Forest is growing more and more diverse. This could make things pretty busy in the area, since it promises to bring several hundred jobs. To show just how many jobs this will bring to the area at one time, the total number of jobs that have been brought in by The Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation since 2012 is 774.

Loftus says this possible deal could mean a lot to Horry County's total workforce and the future of it.

"If we've already gotten 1,300 jobs, that's about one percent of the workforce," Loftus said. "So if we go up to 2 percent, get up to 5 percent, pretty soon, we're talking real jobs."

The unnamed company will have three years to come through on its jobs and investment promises, which falls on December 31, 2016.

The council voted on two variances on funding for those projects Tuesday night, and passed a resolution expressing their commitment to Project Orbit.

Ordinances on both projects will have to be proposed and pass three hearings at future council meetings, but Tuesday night's affirmative votes are paving to the way to bring those companies here.

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