CCU: Former professor may be making threats to campus

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Threats to the safety of Coastal Carolina University are getting national attention after Homeland Security got messages this week from a former employee.

Once he was a professor on campus. Now the school doesn't want William Weintraub anywhere near Conway after they believe he called Homeland Security and left messages threatening the university.

The school isn't saying exactly what the threats are, but they are clear on not wanting William David Weintraub on campus, and re-issued a trespassing alert to students.

Weintraub is also accused of making threats to local newspapers, court clerks, and judges. He is currently under investigation by the Horry County Police Department for calling and emailing The Sun News, ranting about an article written about him.

The report says the message seemed to threaten institutions within Horry County. Back in 2012, Weintraub was arrested by US Marshals following a similar investigation by Conway Police.

Officers say he has not been seen in the area, they believe he is currently living in Tennessee. However, because of his connection to the campus and the recent threat, they will continue to be on the look out.

Authorities do not believe students are in any physical danger, but want the campus community to stay on guard until he is in custody.

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