Darlington County Schools get excellent report card marks

DARLINGTON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – For the third time since 2011, Darlington County Schools have been given an absolute excellent rating from the South Carolina Department of Education. The school district's superintendent attributes their success to a hands-on approach to learning.

"The more opportunities we give kids in school, the better the chances are that they'll stay and flourish," said Dr. Eddie Ingram.

Darlington County has a poverty rate higher than many counties in South Carolina, yet it boasts a graduation rate 16 percent higher than the Palmetto State's overall rate of 77 percent.

"There's a cliché that it takes a village to raise a child," said school board member Charles Govan. "Well to raise this district to the level it's at, it takes everybody."

School board members in the county say they take a hands-on approach to keep kids engaged in the classrooms. They'll ride the school buses to see how students' days begin and set up "Homework Academies" to keep parents in the loop.

"If we focus on that and focus on the child, not just the number that represents that child, we'll be a lot be a lot better off in the future," said Dr. Ingram.

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