Athlete of the Week: D.Q. Nash, Aynor

AYNOR - As he gets ready for his postseason run, D.Q. Nash admits that he's not completely excited about it.

"It's bittersweet," Nash explained. "You have to lead the team and that's the fun part, and help them overcome adversity, but you just hate to see it go. I've been starting here for four years straight and I hate to see it all go now."

Nash has turned himself into the Blue Jackets' own Ironman during that four-year stretch, becoming very reliable for his coaching staff to work around.

"He's started 46 games here at Aynor High School, and that's unbelievable," said head coach Jody Jenerette. "I don't care who you play for, if you can line up and play 46 games, that means a lot to a head football coach and the athlete."

Though the simple way to not see that string of starts come to an end is to just keep winning. And he has helped influence that attitude this year.

"We have guys out here that love the game, love to play, and we just want to keep going and see how far we can get in this thing," Nash said.

He'll continue to line up on both sides of the ball to do his part, but he's hoping a successful win against Marion will spark his team to new heights.

"If we go out there and play our hardest hopefully we'll get the win and keep on going into the playoffs," Nash explained.

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