Workout Wednesday: Calorie-killer workouts

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Today on Workout Wednesday on WMBF News at 4 p.m., Drew Basilicato showed off some  "calorie-killer" workouts that can be done in 8 to 12 minutes.

Here is a breakdown of the workouts he demonstrated:

Segment 1: Medicine ball madness

- jump squats        30 seconds

- switch lunge        40 seconds

- burpees                20 seconds

- dynamic pushups 20 seconds

- switch bike            30 seconds

- v-ups                    30 seconds

- plank series        10 seconds (3x)

- good mornings     40 seconds

*Bungee structure- work down the list and then back up with no rest

* running time 8:00, transition between workouts as quickly as humanly possible

* use immediately out of bed, immediately before or after regular workout exercise

* use in conjunction with LGFGF's boxing circuit or LGFGF's warrior yoga circuit

* if medicine ball is too difficult, use a basketball, volley ball or soccer ball

Segment 2: Bosu Burnout

- mountain climbers                20 seconds

- dragon pushups                   20 seconds

- Clean and press                    20 seconds

- Crunches                              20 seconds (blue side up)

- Horse Kicks                        20 seconds (blue side up)

- Good Mornings                20 seconds (extend arms for increased difficulty)

*bungee structure

* running time: 2:00. transition between workouts as quickly as humanly possible

*best when following Medicine ball circuit

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