Grey Street changes bring hope to community

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Grey Street extension is almost complete, and folks who live in the area hope the effort is not in vain.

"It's a good neighborhood. You have people that have been here a long time. You just have bad elements, people wanting to sell drugs and do things they shouldn't do, but putting these new homes will help make people take pride in their homes again," says one area resident.

Myrtle Beach secured half a million dollars of federal funds through the Community Development Block Grant over a year ago, and they planned to use the money to extend Grey Street from Mr. Joe White Avenue to Canal Street and build four new low to moderate income homes.

Officials say Grey street could open up as soon as next week to the public but building homes is not yet on the calendar.

"It's a vision, and we need to find a way to pay for that vision, so we are seeking grant money," says city spokesman Mark Kruea.

It would take nearly half a million to complete the project, but some say regardless of how things look in the neighborhood there's a lot of good still going on.

"There's a park down there, the Canal Street Recreation Center, and even over there where they feed the homeless at the community kitchen, so there's a lot of interest in this neighborhood and making this part of Myrtle Beach," says Ira Graves.

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