Consider This: Credit Monitoring

If you had your personal information stolen when South Carolina's Department of Revenue was hacked, you are eligible to enroll with a new service provider if you want to receive credit monitoring for free.

Consider This:

The state rushed to set up credit monitoring with Experian to provide protection for people whose private information was compromised. However, after the first year that contract expired and now a new company, CSID, is providing the monitoring. That means the people who were signed up with Experian have to re-register with CSID… and many people say that process is not going smoothly. However, I registered and didn't experience any problems. Hopefully the folks with CSID have fixed the issues and this doesn't turn into South Carolina's of the Affordable Health Care debacle.

If your information was compromised, sign up now. Although it's costing the state more than 8 million dollars to provide the service, a service I'm sure we'll eventually pay for with our taxes, at least for now it's free to register.

You can sign up for CSID protection here: