South Carolinians report problems with CSID

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Tom McCartney says when he tried to enroll for credit monitoring and identity protection online, but he got an error message stating his information can't be found in the eligible taxpayer database.

The error message suggested he calls into the hotline, but he says he waited over an hour for someone to pick up.

Grew Owens says he also has a long wait time and says he wasn't given a log in or password. Owens also worries that because the state has gone with a less expensive company, paying $8.5 versus the 12 million the state paid with Experian, taxpayers are getting an inferior product.

Joe Ross, the president of CSID gets to the bottom of the problems viewers are having and says it's all in the name of protection.

First you have to determine if you are eligible for the product. You are eligible if your information was exposed to those who hacked the Department of Revenue. The Department of Revenue is the agency supplying the list of folks to CSID. But CSID says they might have trouble finding you in the system if you've moved or your name is put in incorrectly. If they can't verify you online they can do so manually over the phone.

"On a daily basis, we send an escalation to DOR saying this many members or residents have tried and we can't find them will you double check," says Ross.

Once CSID determines your eligibility then there's an authentication process. The process involves a lot of personal questions about banking and other transactions. CSID says callers could be running into here if they don't have the correct answers.

"When viewers go to enroll, if  the wife pays the bills or the husband pays the bills, you might want to have them sitting with you when you enroll," says Ross.

If after that CSID still can't authenticate who you are, you could be asked to mail or fax in proof. As for wait times, the company says those are improving. They were higher the first week, but last week they were down to five minutes and over the weekend they say they were down to forty five seconds.

CSID says starting this week you can expect automated phone calls reminding you that you may be eligible and to sign up for the service. Next week the company will start running several radio and TV PSA's as a reminder.

South Carolina taxpayers can sign up for CSID Protection here:

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