57 Registered sex offenders checked for compliance on Halloween

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - On Halloween night in Horry County, 90 registered sex offenders must follow a rule from 5:30p.m. until 9:00p.m.: no trick-or-treating or passing out candy, and they must be at home during those hours.

"They're not allowed to trick or treat whatsoever. No Halloween decorations, no festivities, no parties. Anything that has to do with Halloween they're not allowed to do," South Carolina Department of Probation, Pardon & Parole Senior Agent Richard Loskill said.

But Loskill, along with a group of other agents made house calls Thursday night to 57 specific sex offenders.

"Our target audience I guess you would say is the stuff that has to do with minors- sex acts on minors, indecent liberties with minors," Loskill said.

Loskill described why he was making a house call to one particular offender.

"This next fella is on for sexual exploitation of a minor. What he did was he had images on his computer, took the computer to be repaired at a computer shop and once they were fixing the computer they found all the images. We're talking a good many of images of children actually in sex acts themselves," Loskill said.

The 90 registered sex offenders that must follow the rule are just a small number of the sex offenders in Horry County. Loskill said there are more than 800 registered sex offenders living in Horry County right now. But, Loskill said the 90 must follow the Halloween rule because they are the offenders who are on probation or parole.

Loskill said all 57 offenders were in compliance Thursday night.

Loskill said the offenders sign a form prior to Halloween stating they're aware of the rule. He said he doesn't often have a problem with offenders disobeying the rule because they know it comes with harsh consequences.

"If somebody is actually there giving out candy, I will actually arrest them on the spot and go back and get their probation or parole revoked," Loskill said.

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