Athlete of the Week: Delano Walters, Socastee

SOCASTEE - "The outlook is hopefully to play some college football, but also major in being a chemist," explained Delano Walters, the senior running back of the Braves who also has a very interested mind in science.

Both are tasks that take incredible amounts work and precision, but Walters has always had a knack for the science of both. And the chemistry of his backfield has played a major part in the Braves 9-0 season.

"Kyle Smith I've played with since I was in seventh grade, and I know he brings speed and power," he said. "Hunter Renfrow? You can try and stop him, but that's all you can do. And our (offensive) line just gets the job done. It's a junior line, and they get it done every week."

But Walters has risen above expectations as well, just a few yards shy of 1,000 on the year, and getting into the endzone eight times. It is all part of a dream season that he hopes doesn't end soon.

"Region champs again for the second year in a row, it just couldn't come at a better time," he said."We're just on a roll right now, everything is going perfect."

Even the new head coach noticed his work ethic is unique compared to many others from his first workouts with the team.

"He's always leading the lines, he's first in line, and encouraging others to go faster, go harder, and he has just been a blessing to come in as a new coach to have a senior with kind of leadership abilities," said Braves head coach Doug Illing.

But Delano is just grateful for the opportunity that the school has given to him over the past four seasons.

"Socastee is a family," he said. "The crowd comes and supports us, home or away. It's one big family, so I couldn't ask for a better program to be a part of."

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