Police patrolling for many different dangers this Halloween

Police patrolling for many different dangers this Halloween

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - Parents have heard the usual safety tips and advice that's given out every year for Halloween, but law enforcement is breaking down the real dangers in your area before you take the kids door to door.

Police tell WMBF News the earlier you take your kids trick or treating the better, since the crimes get more serious the later it gets. Officers have a timeline of the types of issues police expect to be dealing with Thursday night.

The first and biggest concern early on is the safety of the children. When the first batch of kids goes trick or treating, it's also the busy time on the roads when many people are heading home from work. So police will focus on making sure there aren't any traffic issues with kids walking next to the road, and also crossing the street.

Then later into the night, officers who come in on the evening shift will focus on vandalism in neighborhoods and alcohol-related offenses, such as driving under the influence or disorderly conduct. And after midnight, police tend to deal with more robberies.

Myrtle Beach's crime prevention officer Pete Woods says since these are the constant issues that happen every Halloween, police will have a more focused approach Thursday night.

"You will see the same amount of patrols," said Woods, "but they will be just more of a directed patrol and be issued as far as what the issues are."

Horry County Police will also have their crime prevention officers out patrolling different neighborhoods. The Horry County Sheriff's Office and Probation and parole officers will check on sex offenders throughout the night as well.

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