Think Halloween safety before you take your kids out

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - There are rules when it comes to trick or treating on Halloween night most people can recall them, check your candy with a parent when getting home before eating it and  wearing reflective clothing so drivers in their vehicles can see trick or treaters.

Leaders with the Horry County Sheriff's Office also want people to be mindful of two other safety precautions before venturing out. First Sergeant Jeff Benton with the sheriff's office advises parents to always go with their kids or at least have an adult with a group of them.

Sergeant Benton said it does come down to a personal choice on the parent's part when their letting a teen go unsupervised trick or treating.

Meredith Barlow is a mother and said at a certain age there is a time where trust has to factor in. Most people who were interviewed on Wednesday and asked 'what's the right age to let a child go on their own?' said 'at the age of 13.'

The other safety measure the Horry County Sheriff's Office leaders suggest parents to take is to check out the sex offenders online registry. The registry allows users to put in their address, and it searches where registered sex offenders live and what their charges are. It also includes their name and a photo.

Find the link to the sex offender registry for your area here:

Horry County has more than 800 people on the sex offenders registry. Five hundred of those offenders are active, and 90 are under supervision with the sheriff's office.

Those 90 sex offenders have violated their parole or probation in some way. Probation and parole officers will be out on Halloween night check in with these 90 offenders.

The officers will be looking to make sure they don't have their porch lights on or giving out any candy to trick or treaters.

Sergeant Benton said if any of the 90 sex offenders do violate their probation Thursday night, they could be put back behind bars.

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