Conway teen finds passion in teaching

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Alex Del Castillo is only in tenth grade at Early College High School in Conway, but he's already found his passion.

"I mainly want to be a teacher," he says. "I love helping people and when I help my brothers or anyone understand something I find myself enjoying that."

The high school sophomore says he anything but normal. "I don't like being normal, normal is just boring."

Far from normal indeed, because when Alex graduates from the school he will already have his associates degree. He has a 4.4 GPA and stays active in the community. He started the school as a freshman with 80 hours of community service already under his belt. He has helped people with special needs, helped out at the Humane Society and The Solid Waste Authority just to name a few.

"At first it's like 'oh my God, community service, that's going to be really boring' but once you do it, it's like really fun and you feel like you are doing something for your community," says Del Castillo.

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