As new Boardwalk Expansion opens, city council in talks for further expansion

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk expansion project is now finished and open from 14th Avenue North to 16th Avenue North, but it could be just the beginning when it comes to expansion efforts. The boardwalk now has about 400 feet of extra space for visitors to walk on, but WMBF News learned city council might be stepping closer to extending the boardwalk for miles.

Myrtle Beach City Council members tell WMBF News a group has come forward interested in paying to build onto the boardwalk. The city's overall plan has always been to extend the boardwalk along the entire hotel area, from 29th Avenue South all the way to 31st  Avenue North. But that long of a boardwalk comes with a large price tag, estimated to total more than $20 million.

The two most talked-about expansion options have been private investments from local businesses, like the recently finished expansion by Banditos Mexican Restaurant, or one large investment by a major corporation or group to finish the job. Now that there is some interest, the city's large investment wish could become a reality.

Since these talks are in the early stages, city council members won't name the group that's interested, but they did describe what the deal could look like.

"A corporation that would be willing to pay for that cost," confirms Myrtle Beach City Councilman Wayne Gray. "And take back naming rights and other activities, and so there's been some conversation with folks that might be interested in that."

City council member Mike Chesnut says the council asked for the group to come back with a more detailed proposal for a boardwalk deal. A month has now passed since that request, and they are still waiting to hear back. Chesnut also says it might be a while, since there's still plenty of more work that needs to be done before anyone can put a deal in ink.

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