Work to begin on parts of damaged Harborwalk

GEORGETOWN, SC (WMBF) - The damaged section of the Harborwalk in Georgetown is set to see changes soon. During a special Georgetown City Council Meeting Thursday night, a motion was passed to give the Harborwalk Project to a company called RL Morrison, based out of McClellan, SC.

RL Morrison bid to replace the damaged sections of the Harborwalk, rather than repair it.

The fire on Front St. destroyed seven buildings and damaged an eighth one early September 25th. But the city's popular Harborwalk was also damaged during the fire.

"The contractor will come and as I understand it, replace two pilings that suffered burns instead of just repairing them and the contract requires the Harborwalk be returned to as close to its original condition as possible," Mayor Jack Scoville said.

RL Morrison won the bid Thursday night at nearly $68,000.00. Mayor Scoville said the cost isn't going to dig deep into taxpayer's pockets.

"Luckily we had insurance on the Harborwalk and the cost will be covered by our insurance policy which has a  one thousand dollar deductible," Scoville said.

The Harborwalk was renovated in 2011 and Mayor Scoville said because of the material used back then, a lot of the Harborwalk was spared during the recent fire.

"Firemen told me had the boardwalk been in the old mode of the wood- the southern yellow pine treated- we probably would've lost this whole entire section of the boardwalk," Mayor Scoville said.

Mayor Scoville said he anticipates the damages of the Harborwalk will be replaced by Christmas 2013.

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